How to Find Your “Happy”

How to find your

Happy (adj.): characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy

I have a project for you. Close your eyes and picture the moments in life you truly enjoyed. Where were you? Was anyone with you? Did it seem bittersweet? What inspired the feeling? Put yourself back in those moments and write down what they had in common.

Writing about what makes me happy did a couple awesome things for me. First of all, it helped me understand myself a little better. I’ve also started to listen to myself more. With a written set of ideals to guide my decisions, I have a map that helps me see when I should be saying yes or no to opportunities. It’s a lot like writing down my goals; but this project is geared towards finding out what my goals should be.

Here is what I wrote:

My “happy” is wiggling my toes through a muddy riverbank and feeling the cold water nip at my feet. It’s in tiny sensations like hearing a favorite song, sitting outside in the rain; it’s in the sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing a long hike. It’s where the crowds aren’t. My happy exists where I feel as though everything I say, think, and do is free. There is no second-guessing myself in my happy. For me, happy comes when I am under no restrictions and I am allowed to become the person I should always be. When I’m happy, I have a greater sense of connectedness with the world and myself, no matter how big or small the moment is.

Now that you’ve got a vague idea of how to do this, I’d love to see what you come up with if you’re willing to share. It might help me add on to mine or someone else’s!


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